About Tomorrow Pod


“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller.

Our Goals and Vision

We believe that each person has inherent worth and has a special gift and purpose to share with the world. Sharing that gift and purpose brings love and joy and goodness that we all need.

The vision of this podcast is to give each listener little nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to take with them throughout the day. A story or even a single thought or word can generate new ideas and possibilties.


Who We Are

We are wonderful flawed human beings, living in a beautiful and fallen world, who see the reality and love to live outside the box. 

We are creatives at heart who recognise that structure and order helps to produce beautiful new work.

We see potential and the big picture and we can dive into details and zoom back out again.


Our Story

We are drawn to the human story. We can only live one story and are fascinated by the other journeys. The more we listen to and appreciate others, the similarities and differences, the more we can learn to grow and give everything that we are made to be.

Tomorrow Pod is our way of sharing many wonderful unheard stories that should be heard.


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Meet The Host

Evan Englezos

Evan Englezos

Tomorrow Pod Host

Evan has an eclectic range of skills, interests, experiences and friends… lots of friends! As a natural extrovert, Evan has been shaped and sewn into many communities in Melbourne, around Australia and internationally; from rock bands to musical theatre groups, church communities to disability support groups, business associates at home and abroad.

Evan is a recognised leader in the musical and digital realms and loves to use his abilities to build up others.

Live in the Saddle is a community of musicians and music lovers that exists for each other and gives back generously to the community in the currency of music.

Digital Team Coach provides digital transformation through training, strategy and development to organisations of all sizes.

If you dig back far enough, you can find out that Evan has a Bachelor of Multimedia and is an Arrow Emerging Leader graduate.



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Tomorrow Pod shares inspiring stories without taking hours to get to the point.
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