Episode 4

Building Culture with Humanity as Stakeholders with
Kiri-Maree Moore

Bringing diverse voices to the decision table

About this episode

Kiri-Maree Moore is a gatherer of leaders and movement makers. In this episode, Kiri-Maree shares the questions which inspire her table conversations, and the way we may move towards better solutions sooner.

Kiri-Maree is known as a pioneer with her cutting edge to the new approach to leadership across the global landscape. Looking through the lens of “Humanity as Stakeholders”, every decision adds value to the human race going forward.

Kiri-Maree is comfortable with the uncomfortable. A future thinker. With her revolutionary mastery to design collaborative ecosystems to create solution pathways, a leader who leads. She role models the impact of this success through the companies and initiatives she runs. 

Kiri-Maree continues to lead to write to facilitate + train across the globe leaving a legacy as a nomadicCEO, a wife, a mama of 6 and a Gigi to 3 grandkids. 

Kiri-Maree serves leaders throughout the globe. As an International Speaker, Advisor, Strategist & Investor she is a DISRUPTOR of patterns. Kiri-Maree is an Innovator who challenges the norm and invites diverse distinctions to the table to give voice to sustainable change.



I wanted to capture that moment where you go out, and it’s just awe inspiring. It’s a little bit scary, but really, it’s just about learning that there’s just something so much bigger than you that you could probably never understand.

I think as a creative, we just manage to fit in so much in such a small amount of time, and we’re always so busy moving on to the next project and being passionate about that, that when we look back, it seems like everything was different lifetimes ago and different seasons of our life that have come together to make you who you are right now.

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