Episode 13

Curiosity As An Alternative To Confidence with John Englezos

Using curiosity to jumpstart exploration

About this episode

In the words of John Englezos, “If there’s enough of a hook pull to feel like you need to act on something, do it.”. Truly, the lures of curiosity can jumpstart exploration whether it be in the workplace or more generally. Become more empowered with John Englezos’ wisdom in this episode of Tomorrow Pod as he elaborates not just on the drive of curiosity as a means of exploration but also in encompassing the mindset that we are all works in progress, and that manifesting a sense of awareness helps to move forward. 

John Englezos is a freelance photographer, spoken word poet and Melbourne’s 2015 Poetry Slam Champion. His work has been described as “Pixar in poetry” with his first book “If The World Were Upside Down” centering around notions of Hope, Identity, and Wonder. He was on the first team to represent Australia in 2017 at the National Poetry Slam Championships in Denver, Colorado USA. John has been a presenter, speaker coach and host for Tedx, runs workshops and one-on-one sessions around creativity and expression, is an uncle to six amazing kids and a brother to many.

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Provocation is to push. Evocation is to draw in. So sometimes you’re pushed, sometimes you’re pulled.

I believe in the world being big. I believe in the world always having room for more at the table… I don’t think that I have the confidence to go into unfamiliar places, but I have the curiosity to go into unfamiliar places.

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