Episode 15

Exercising Creativity For Mental Health Recovery with Hannah Friebel-Gabbert

Breathing life into spaces without much life

About this episode

Art and creativity are important remedies as an avenue for personal recovery and bringing meaningful change in the mental health system. Lived Experience Consultant, Hannah Friebel-Gabbert, discusses bringing people into a place of hope and compassion, incorporated through creativity and supporting innovation and transformation in the mental health system.

Hannah Friebel-Gabbert brings to light the powerful analogy of reconnecting the dots to discover hope and revamping the mental health system through creative spaces.

She works as a Mental Health Consultant at the intersections of The Arts, Lived Experience, Psychology and Spirituality. She has a background as an independent artist, having produced and directed multiple initiatives collaborating with people who have talent or expertise in dance, film, mental health and art-based advocacy (namely, Sincerely Survivor, Grace Dance Company). In her day job Hannah works as a Consumer Consultant at Monash Health, and has a private practice in Recovery Coaching and Supervision.

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I seek to breathe life and creativity into spaces that don’t have much life. And I think that’s where we have the most impact, where we’re breathing life and hope and creativity into spaces that aren’t necessarily containers for that

I think the arts have such a value for other people, for everyone, really, if we learn to tap into their power, I think we can actually use the arts as like a witness to what we go through

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