Episode 8

Fulfilling Creativity with Stacey-Louise Camilleri

The good which art and collaboration can acheive

About this episode

Stacey-Louise discusses the importance of self-initiative, teamwork, clear communication, and the satisfaction of seeing creative ideas brought to life.

Stacey-Louise Camilleri is a creator of music, videos and greeting cards. She is also a teacher, a cabaret performer and occasionally bakes.

She has worked as a private vocal coach, cabaret coach and piano teacher as well as a professional corporate musician. Stacey-Louise holds a Bachelor of Music Theatre and is proud to be the first female recipient in Australia of an LMusA in Music Theatre Voice.

The most common question she is asked is “when do you sleep?” and her favourite ice cream flavour is cookies and cream (like everyone else). She’s all about creative challenges and giving things a go.

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I really believe exposure when you’re young to heaps of things, kids just find what clicks with them. I’m sure I saw a lot of sport, but it just wasn’t my thing. As soon as I saw music and musicals, I was like, “That’s my thing!”

I love teamwork. I love a good leader with a vision, and everyone understands that, and works together. When that really works, a great team with a great understanding and great communication is just a dream to be a part of.

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