Episode 6

How to Mould Vomit

On jazz, collaboration and the process of refining

About this episode

Who better to speak about collaboration than a jazz artist and improvisor? Sivan Arbel sheds light on the journey of creating and refining art into something which is ready to share with the world.

Critically acclaimed Israeli Vocalist Sivan Arbel is a composer and arranger, a worldwide performer, and an effervescent talent on the international jazz scene.

Some of her recent performances have taken place at the Minsk Jazz Festival, Bratislava Jazz Days Festival, Lincoln Center in NYC, Boston Jazz Festival, 4020 Festival in Austria, to name a few.

Since moving to NYC in 2014, Sivan has put out two albums: “Broken Lines” (2016) and “Change of Light” (2019), which was selected by Jazz2K as Best Vocal Disc of 2019. Sivan has collaborated with a wide array of musicians such as Japanese band Ichimujin, Pandero player Tulio Araujo, Groove it Forward Project pianist Guy Mintus, as well as several dance projects.

Sivan holds a B.A. with high honors in Jazz Performance from the Newpark Music Centre (Dublin, Ireland) and is a graduate of the Jazz Performance program at the acclaimed Rimon School of Music (Israel).

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Collaboration is the beginning of some form of a relationship. So every relationship that you have with someone in life is different.

But the important thing is that when I decide to create and then put something out there, that it will come from that honest place, because I do believe that when someone receives it, I very much hope that they feel that honesty and that truthfulness will make their insides move. And whatever’s happening with them will just open up. Because if I’m here an open vessel, it’s an immediate invitation for you to be that, however it is that it is, with yourself. And I feel that once you feel it, then it just sticks onto whoever’s next to. So we create this family or this community of connecting to one another, and I do it through music. That is that.

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For more information about Sivan, you can visit her website. You can also follow her on other social media platform: 

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