Episode 2

Intentionality In Church Ministry

Creating a safe and welcoming online faith community

About this episode

Reverend Kiran Skariah, also known as PastorSKAR online, is an ordained minister with a passion to see the next generation be all they can be.

After serving for 10 years in his local church in Sydney, Kiran realised the huge need for a safe, welcoming space for all in the online world, where honest faith conversations can spark and people can be themselves, ask questions and connect in a way that was previously unimaginable.

With a goal to impact the world in mind, Kiran started livestreaming on the world’s largest streaming platform, Twitch.tv and has dedicated himself to building a free, accepting, family-friendly community where gamers and non-gamers can gather and have some fun, and for those that were interested, talk about their faith.

Today, PastorSKAR and his livestream have developed into a life changing ministry reaching 100,000 people around the world regularly and has seen the creation of SKAR Ministries, a registered Non-Profit Organisation that is overseen by a board of leaders across Australia and is making huge strides in the safety, continuity, accountability and sustainability of this amazing ministry.

Kiran Skariah (Pastor Skar) is an ordained Reverend working with high school students
based in Sydney, Australia. He’s also the founder of SKAR Ministries, a registered not-for-profit Twitch partner, a public speaker and an innovator

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To figure those things out, you got to sit with it. You got to put pen to paper. You got to talk to mentors. You got to pray about it. You got to read up on it. You got to do your research. You got to be so intentional if you want to really make that happen.

And throughout all that recognise that, it’s in God’s strength and not your own, and that we only play a small part in that puzzle. And we have to just trust God with that process. And sometimes it’ll be what we expect it to be. Sometimes it won’t be. And that’s okay. But we just need to be intentional with what we’re doing and be obedient to God in that.

Building team like that has been a really organic thing. As people have felt this calling, they’ve reached out and said, “Hey, I’d love to be involved.” Slowly but surely we’ve been building this team – which is a global team mind you – that have people going, “Yep! I want to invest in this” because they see the results, they see the fruit and they see the vision and go, “This matters. Let’s make it happen.”

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