Episode 5

Leading With Passion And Vision with James Bryant

Becoming A Leader Worth Following

About this episode

The prospect of becoming a dad rocked James Bryant’s world. James found his mentors, embraced the painful path of growth, and now helps others become leaders who are worth following.

James is the founder and director of Lead Different. He works with a range of clients from Fortune 500 companies, elite athletes, professional artists and creatives to people who are starting a “side gig”. James was born and raised “all over Australia” before moving to California to train in leadership and development for over 3 years. After working intensively for 3 years with a leader who:

  • Time magazine’s “15 World Leaders who Matter Most”

  • Sold over 50 million  books,

James returned to Australia to start Lead Different which works with people to create lives, teams and organisations that go beyond high performance. 
James is someone who will move mountains and dive into impossibilities with one thing on his mind: to create a space for people to grow and discover a higher level of performance. Joby Harris – Designer and Visual Strategist NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
James has a unique way to bring out the best in people. I joined an Ignite group while in sales and it was remarkable to see the results! What I took from the course not only helped in my professional world, but my personal as well. – Justin Maxwell – Principal Consultant at QMark Solutions

Just plug my sites… www.leaddifferent.org or www.ignitegroups.org I don’t believe in social media or want to condone use of it.

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When you ask “What was the path?”
It was beginning to build a tribe of people who didn’t just believe in me, but believed in me enough to be rough with me. And “Rough” is probably the best word. They weren’t vicious, but they were rough. A lot of the path that I’m on now can be attributed to the tribe of people who came around me, who were willing to be rough with me. Most people today don’t have people who are willing to be rough with them.

‘Vision’ is a word that I hate to use, because it’s been stolen and bastardized by organizations and companies where they’re like, ‘Our vision for the future is to be this’ and it’s largely irrelevant, useless and meaningless. To the individual vision for a person, though… I’ve got a very specific definition for vision. ‘Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion in me.’

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