Episode 9

Leading with Vulnerability with Shady Gendy

The intersection between individuality and community

About this episode

Shady Gendy shares how being willing to become vulnerable allows us to connect us with each other, and helps people know they are loved.

Shady Gendy is passionate about connecting people and seeing them thrive and discover their potential through participating in community. Shady is the community manager of a melbourne based co-working space, a volunteer in church based youth work and a passionate advocate for providing relief to the poor and marginalised at home and abroad. When he isn’t engaged in those worlds he loves to recharge through long hikes in nature and playing music.

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“The world” doesn’t have to be this giant conglomerate of things that is impossible to quantify or to reach out or touch. The world is your next-door neighbour. The world is that kid in your classroom. The world is the guy you happen to be standing waiting for a coffee in line next to. If everybody looked at everybody around them as the world, then the world would be changed.

When you’re carrying a cup of tea that’s just super super full, and you’re trying to walk back to your couch, the smallest bump will cause whatever is in that cup to overflow. And so when you’re full of that kind of love, it doesn’t matter what interaction you have, it’s going to spill over into something or somebody else, whoever happens to be in your vicinity at the time.

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