Episode 14

Planting the Seeds of Creativity with Caleb White

Cultivating truth to define success

About this episode

As we look towards tomorrow, the value of innovative thinking and truth has a vital role in change and success. For this episode, we honor Caleb White’s wisdom about planting seeds of continuous creativity that will bear fruit to gorgeous petals of positivity, with the guiding star of truth as the foundation of success.

Caleb White discusses regulating continuous and spontaneous creativity and simply enjoying it without stress, as well as defining success through honesty and transparency.

After some false starts in a variety of careers, Caleb finally found teaching, and found his purpose. He has now been teaching for over six years and this year started his own flexible learning venture, teach2think. Caleb is married with three children, and is passionate about family foundations.

Caleb has taught in state and private schools. He completed his teaching qualifications at USQ in 2015, majoring in Literature and History. Caleb’s motto as a teacher is “teach to think”; this generation, more than any other before it, requires critical thinking skills in order to be discerning in an age of misinformation and media saturation. He is married with three children, and his hobbies include writing and performing music, buying too many books and trying to find time to read them, and following the NBA.

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But to be truthful and honest and to just trust that that will be rewarded, that to me is successful.

We don’t realize that we are simply enacting ideology and philosophy that others propagated. And I suppose there’s another kind of agricultural term there. We’re talking seed and propagation, but that’s it. It is all about ideas, but it’s also about behaviors and habits and patterns.

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