Episode 12

Refining The Flow and Systems of Work

For seemless organisation workflow and happy teams

About this episode

Are you looking to make a significant change in your workflow?! Nicole Smith enlightens us on how to improve work processes and systems through the structure, organisation and functionality.

Nicole Smith, Procedures & Systems Designer, Time Creator, ClickUp Queen and Director of The Artisans Business Solutions.

In 2019, Nicole moved away from her corporate career as Chief of Staff and started helping business owners to develop their unique working style and fall back in love with their business.

Nicole supports businesses to review their practices and develop strategic procedures that save time, money, sanity and ultimately design the business that aligns with the life you want to be living.

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If there’s something that you’re feeling is a little bit icky or not quite aligned, or there’s something that you want to give a go, the best thing to do is just give it a go. Just do it. Because the more that you do things, the more you discover, you become aware. And it’s just amazing even having one conversation. What you can discover from that. So leave you with that love.

My role is to provide awareness on a different way and support them through the decision making process, which can be a challenge in some ways.

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