Episode 1

Reflection with Intention with Kat Farrell

Following “the more” in life

About this episode

Kathryn Farrell shares insights from her story around being open to joy, reflecting on circumstances as you go, setting pure intentions, and then following “the more” in life. This episode is brimming with curiosity, laughter, and possibility.

A lover of life, Kathryn’s interests and work are focussed on how we can all learn from each other and support our community to thrive beyond our time here.

Kathryn is the Co-Founder of The Thread Wellbeing and Lifestyle, a platform that helps communities connect to their soul voice and live a full life from that space.

Kathryn Co-Founded Not-for-profit Trash Bags On Tour a tourism conservation and events space focussing on reducing our environmental footprint.

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I’d reached this destination, was surrounded by amazing people and the children, just the sheer gratitude that they had for us coming in -we were a group – for us coming in to help educate them was so pure and so beautiful. And the day that I was leaving teaching there, all of the kids came running in, and they gave me this big big hug that sent written all these letters to me. And I had folders of personal letters, half in Spanish and half in English. And I had this overwhelming sense of gratitude and that this was what the more for me in life was all about, when we want that connection or that magic that comes through.
How we move our body definitely shows us what’s going on on an internal landscapes. So if we can just move and express freely without judgdement, it’s a beautiful way of reflection as well.

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