Episode 15

Towards Indigenous Friendship & Reconciliation with Brooke Prentis

To build an Australia built on Truth, Justice, Love & Hope

About this episode

Brooke Prentis, GAICD, CA, BCom, BA, Grad Cert Theology is an Aboriginal Christian Leader, a descendant of the Wakka Wakka peoples (one of 300 nations in the lands now called Australia). 

A Chartered Accountant by profession with over 15 years senior management experience in the corporate world including with Ernst & Young and top 100 ASX listed companies.  An experienced Company Director serving on a number of boards and looking to show my passion for and skills in governance with paid board opportunities.

Brooke has achieved a number of firsts including being the first Aboriginal person to be appointed as the CEO of a national Christian organisation in Australia that is not a specifically Indigenous organisation, the first Aboriginal person to graduate from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts, and one of only about 30 Indigenous Chartered Accountants in all of Australia. 

Brooke has loved building relationships with Aboriginal peoples right across these lands now called Australia particularly through being the volunteer Coordinator of the Grasstree Gathering (www.grasstreegathering.org.au), a growing network of over 200 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leaders from across Australia and across denominations.  

Brooke is an international speaker, writer, educator, and poet, as well as a community pastor and pursuer of justice.  I’ve published a number of academic papers, chapters of books, lectures.

Brooke is currently completing writing a book, which will be published in the next 12 months, to assist non-Indigenous Australians to engage, build, and deepen relationship with Aboriginal peoples, Aboriginal Christian Leaders, and Aboriginal justice, including Reconciliation.

Brooke has appeared on national and international television, radio and podcasts including ABC’s The Drum, NITV The Point, Soul Search with Dr Meredith Lake, God Forbid with James Carleton, The Religion and Ethics Report with Andrew West, InVerse, and in the US Christianity Today and The Bible for Normal People. 

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Country is not somewhere you go to country in the Aboriginal sense. Country is beneath your feet each and every day. And we can acknowledge country, but I actually acknowledge country with every breath that I take. And that’s about respect and listening, learning and loving as well. And you might not have been taught about the true history, but the concrete and the bitumen that radiates the heat in our capital cities there’s a truth there and there’s a justice there and there’s an understanding about country.

We didn’t learn about the true history, but it’s not just about that true history. That history is affecting our present. And this is the Australia we all live in today.

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