Episode 18

Understanding Human Condition Through The Realm of Stories with Eugene Wong

Shaping communities through storytelling

About this episode

An important form of learning stems from listening to people’s stories. Immersing yourself in stories helps to understand human connections and the human condition. Dive into this episode of Tomorrow Pod as Eugene Wong shares his experiences about assisting communities to curate their stories and the implications of building culture.

Eugene Wong is a chief story shaper and in this episode of Tomorrow Pod he shares about the art of telling people’s narratives and its gravity toward shaping cultural intelligence.

His passion is helping you to maximise your impact in the world. He helps people to connect better and lead better.

He’ll work with you to clarify your purpose and goals, hone the way you communicate and, understand how to impact the culture around you.

This will empower you to connect with your stakeholders more effectively than you have before, and leverage off other connections in society and culture to increase your impact. He draws on his experience as a lawyer, community development consultant and social entrepreneur to clarify your purpose, branding and strategies for impacting the world.

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It’s who we are and understanding who we are and then understanding who other people are, and that helping us connect better. I’m not sure that we’re particularly good at it. I think that a lot of what’s happening in society is breaking that apart. And I have a real passion for helping to patch that together and teach people how to connect better.

You learn through other people’s experiences and hopefully that means that you avoid making some really dumb mistakes, and then you try to teach other people about your mistakes so they avoid them and fast track it into something that’s healthy.

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